I love you, Ebby

On Friday, we lost one of our sweetest family members, a gentle Great Dane who came into our lives and stole our hearts with her quirks, soulful eyes and love. She was part human, you know, and would get so frustrated that she couldn’t do things we could do, like chop tomatoes and make the bed. Ebony — who we call Ebby — was not quite 4 years old, but suffered from a degenerative disease that, in the end, made walking up the stairs or riding in the car impossible.

Here is a little bit about the dog who changed our family:
She loved nothing more than a clean and fluffy bed.
Except us. She loved us more.
But she might have loved Sara, our other dog, a little bit more.
She’s not a fan of camping in the dirt.
She always thought she was a cat.
She lived to scare the mailman with her deepest howl.
She would sit on the couch like a human.
She never liked to be alone.
She loved to slow dance with people.
She always lead because she stood taller than all of us.
My bed was her favorite spot.
She liked to spoon in bed, too.
She loved peanut butter.
And bananas.
And toast.
The pool freaked her out.
But she loved the high she got from being in it.
Backseat trips to Trader Joe’s with the windows down made her feel cool.
She was never as mean as her bark.
She would always say (with her eyes), “If one more person calls me a horse, I’m going to ….”
She was a horrible leash walker (most of the time).
She loved to play patty-cake.
She thought visitors were coming to see her only.
Her only fear was the vacuum.
She was so perfect.
She always made you feel so loved.

Ebby, you have been one of the hardest losses we’ve experienced. We love you so much. I know you’re playing with ChaCha and BearBear and sweet Coco and Boots. I’ll see you in a heaven second, lovey. Love you always.

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8 Responses to I love you, Ebby

  1. Natalie says:

    “You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.” – Robert Louis Stevenson. Sorry for the loss of Ebby Lauren, she was a beautiful dog and seemed like the greatest of friend.

  2. Anne-Sophie says:

    I’m sorry for your loss =/ she seemed like a very sweet, caring friend!

  3. Carrie Lee says:

    I feel your pain dear. We had to put our daughter’s 15 year old pitbull down a couple months ago. I had a traumatized for year old for a while there. I am sorry for your loss Lauren.

  4. JuniperTree says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for posting such sweet words about such a sweet animal! My dog is so close to my heart as well. Wishing Ebby happy days in heaven!

  5. Paula says:

    Deepest condolences. So much love and heart shine through in this gorgeous dog’s eyes. I find my own eyes filling as I type this — your amazing photos and words convey the devoted bond and the heart break. e-hugs.

  6. mairedubhtx says:

    Rest in Peace, Ebony.

  7. I know your pain,for I have been there. My heart goes out to you. Sweet,sweet Ebby, no more pain for you. Lovely words, and photos. Healing hugs.

  8. Maggie says:

    Miss Ebby will be so dearly missed! I will never forget her slowly shoving until she took up the entire couch after kayaking or her jumping on the guest bed at 2 a.m. scaring the heck out of me. I’ll miss her piercing eyes, her ability to hip check me into walls, watching her play with Sara and seeing her run around the pool barking her head off as we splashed. I’m sure she is so happy to see Sara has another little friend to mentor and keep her company.

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