The colors of Salvation Mountain | Roadtrip 2011

In middle of the Southern California desert, there is an artful oasis known as Salvation Mountain. It’s a colorful world of paint, inspiration and  words created by Leonard Knight. His message is “God is Love” and he believes love is all you need.

I’ve known about Salvation Mountain for years. I knew it was in the desert in Southern California, but I never really though I’d be able to experience it because it is, literally, in a deserted portion of the state. When my friends and I planned our trip to Palm Springs, I wanted so badly to go an hour and a half further to Niland, where Leonard has created this beautiful cotton candy mountain out of paint, stucco and trash. I’m not surprised my friends were just as excited about Salvation Mountain as I was.

We were each touched by Leonard’s message and his love for God and love itself. I hope you enjoy these images and find some color in your world today. xo, L

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4 Responses to The colors of Salvation Mountain | Roadtrip 2011

  1. Apparently God is a

  2. Wow! So colourful! Although I am an atheist, I can really appreciate the beauty of those messages.

  3. poetgranny says:

    This totally made me smile. I think it makes God smile too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. pat says:

    Great photos! Did you exit to the right and go to Slab City? Another great place, that would appear to be something you’d like.

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