Days and Nights in Palm Springs | Roadtrip 2011

I knew I would enjoy a few days in Palm Springs, but I didn’t expect it to be as great as it was. The girls and I stayed with Cindy’s wonderful sister and brother-in-law, who I’ll just call M&S. They opened their beautiful home and made me feel like family. They quickly became those kinds of friends you feel like you’ve known forever, even though you just met. We did so much while we were in town, but some of my favorite times when we were just hanging out with everyone at home and in town. Here is a glimpse into some of the most relaxation I’ve had in a long time. Viva Palm Springs!

An hour after we rolled into the desert, M&S took us into Palm Springs for their weekly downtown stroll/art walk. S isn’t a Palm Springs native, but she might as well be. She knows so much about the city and I can’t believe how much I learned about this colorful and historically rich city. Fun!

This awesome musician stands on the street playing the electric cello. S says he usually wears a really long cape, but it was pretty hot for a cape on this summer night.One night, we had dinner at Tropicale, a bright pink restaurant where it’s best to order small (huge) plates and share. My cucumber watermelon mojito was the best drink, ever.
Lounging at M&S’s house was a perk all on its own. There was always something homemade and healthy being prepared (OMG — need recipes!). The pool and misters were continuously perfect. The playlist was always fun. The company was always entertaining.

I love S’s excitement and love for Palm Springs. My heart smiled when I saw she made a list of stuff for us to do that included everything that is totally “me.” 
Mornings were filled with bathing suits, sugar-free cakes, mimosas, coffee and gin fizzes (not all at the same time, but you could if you wanted).

There they are, the best hosts, ever.
Here are a couple meals M cooked up for us. Simply amazing. Let’s just say I’ve been craving kabobs since we left.
Homemade Hawaiian bread!
Thank you M&S for a great, great vacation! And thank you Cindy for sharing your beautiful family. Luvs!

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2 Responses to Days and Nights in Palm Springs | Roadtrip 2011

  1. laurahartson says:

    great pics, i absolutely loved the 48 hours i spent in palm springs. great post!

  2. Silje says:

    I’ve been following your blog for some time now, and I just have to say that I absolutely love it! You take amazing photos, and the food junkie in me rejoices every time you snap those gorgeous food pics:) I just wanted to let you know how far you reach with your blog (I’m norwegian) – keep up the good work!


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