Ace Hotel. Palm Springs. | Roadtrip 2011

When I found out we were going to be driving to Palm Springs, I added the Ace Hotel to our list of places to explore. I knew I wanted to find the vintage camper and the photo booth I’d seen in photos on the interwebs over the last year. On this evening, while the air was still hot and the sun was setting behind the dry Palm Springs mountains, we found both. Here a few photos from the Ace, where all the cool city kids go to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon in the desert.

The Ace Hotel, on film (Pentax K1000):

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5 Responses to Ace Hotel. Palm Springs. | Roadtrip 2011

  1. Vasare says:

    wow these photographs absolutely amazing! love this vintage style πŸ™‚

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  3. Place looks like 1950’s Miami.

  4. jen howell says:

    WOW! Lauren you have grown so much as an artist! Love Love Love this post!

  5. the word bar says:

    amazing pictures.. really great!!

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