The long road to Palm Springs | girl’s roadtrip 2011

I love road trips. I dream of packing everything I own into a Winnebego or scamp or even a VW bus and driving as far as the old engine will take me, stopping at every wacky motel and roadside attraction along the way. I have the kind of friends who really get that. We don’t have a cutesy camper, but we improvised last week and loaded a car with our Pillow Pets and cameras and hit the road south.

Palm Springs was our ultimate destination. But on this first day on the open road, Bakersfield, antiquing and thrifting were the goal.

Here are a few shots from the first fun day on the road. Enjoy!

We pulled off Highway 99 to shoot the Astro Motel in Fresno:

Then we made new friends at an antique store in Clovis:

We had sandwiches at a historical little tea house in Clovis, too:
We stayed in Bakersfield, where we soaked in the hotel’s hot tub for a short while and fell asleep excited knowing this was only the beginning of a great vacation.

In the morning, we searched for the Goodwill where you pay by the pound. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist anymore. But we did find the giant shoe. Oh, Bakersfield.

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3 Responses to The long road to Palm Springs | girl’s roadtrip 2011

  1. cindy deluz says:

    Hey Elvis~
    Awesome shots as usual. Good times…great memories. Thanks for sharing, way fun!

  2. I am pretty good at appraising articles from about 1850 to the present. The croissants appear to be early 1950’s and worth about $5 but would pass if $7 or more. The coke machine has been altered as the price for a soda is $1 and at the time, mid 1940’s , should have been a nickel or a dime at most.

  3. Vasare says:

    Beautiful photographs, love the barbie one hehe:)

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