Five Senses + the garden

The other night, I took a little bit of time to breath. The sun was going down and I was waiting for any sliver of a moon to appear. I took my camera outside and looked around to the life and color that has blossomed while I’ve been busy being … occupied. I was surprised to see new wild flowers growing so daintily and strong. The corn’s stalks have bulging bellies of sweet kernels now and the pumpkins are so shiny they look as though a loyal garden gnome has been busy polishing them.

I made caprese salad with basil from the garden and ate it outside with a side of day-old garlic bread and my summer obsession, iced tea. I looked through prints from the roadtrip we finished the day before and felt sad that it was over. I sat outside until the night sky was dark, even though I never saw that slice of moon and the bags never did get unpacked completely.

These are a few photos from a mellow evening. Scroll through them for a mid-week Five Senses. Enjoy.
Fresh Mozzarella soaked with balsamic vinegar.

Sweet perfume that makes me sad for reasons I’m not sure.

Whispers and honesty.

Too much.

My sweet dog smiling when she sees me.

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3 Responses to Five Senses + the garden

  1. Imagery at its best. Bravo!

  2. kristasta says:


  3. Maggie says:

    Beautiful words, and of course, photos. That caprese salad looks so yummy! We should make some of that soon. I can’t believe how much the garden has changed since the Fourth of July when there seemed to be only little sprigs peaking out. And the flowers are just so vibrant. You are so lucky to have such a nice little garden oasis!

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