A taste of the open road

Hola amigos! I’m back today from a girls’ roadtrip. I tell ya, we had a BLAST. Our main destination was the lovely and sultry Palm Springs, but we ventured to plenty of roadside attractions, like funky motels, trailer parks and Salvation Mountain. The days flew by, and I loved every piece of it, every person we visited with and even the heat.

I thought I’d share some snippets, according to the iPhone, since I’m still without a computer. I’ll be back soon with more roadtrip goodness. Have a great day!
We be trekkin’.
Makin’ new friends in the mini mart.
My inner Elvis at an antique store in Clovis, Calif.
Buddy Vespas at ACE Hotel, Palm Springs.
God is Love: Salvation Mountain in the desert.
Photobooths in the middle of the desert!

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2 Responses to A taste of the open road

  1. Natalie says:

    Lauren, this looks like an awesome trip. I am in love with the vesbas and the photobooths in the middle of the desert! I hope you had an amazing time 🙂

  2. Aww, I love all of these pics (although the Elvis one kind of uber creeps me out)! I really love the photobooths and the oh-so pretty Vespas. If I was rich, I’d buy everyone I loved a Vespa and we could have a little Vespa gang roaming the countryside!

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