i heart saturdays

Hi friends. Last night, as I was making final revisions on a huge work project that’s been keeping me busy, I was so excited to think I was only a day away from having time to work on photos and blogging. But then it happened. Le old laptop died. Thank God I back up my photos. But goodbye story revision. Goodbye expensive Photoshop. And goodbye to the documents I have yet to learn are lost.

I’m not not one to rush into larger purchases, but really, how long can I go without a computer? Not long. I may give in an visit the Mac store this weekend, but if not, my posts may continue to be thin for a couple of weeks. I promise, I’ll be back on track very soon.

But for now, enjoy these photos from a day of shopping in Sacramento. xo, Lauren

Have a great weekend.

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4 Responses to i heart saturdays

  1. Maggie says:

    Aww, you ladies are so cute! I love that picture of the two of you. We will have to do a like marathon Sac thrift trip soonsies!

  2. People would be surprised if the compared Rosie the Riveter to poster art and sculpture glorifying the workers in pre and post WW2 Soviet Union. Powerful, patriotic and motivating.

  3. What a fun day…your gorgeous photos once again caught the magic of the moment 🙂

  4. carla c. says:

    really really beautiful! your photos are amazing.

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