List 6/52: summer foods I love.

blackberries that grow wild on the side of the road.
creamy, homemade ice cream.
but store-bought ice cream is pretty good, too.
homemade pizza is fun.
home. grown. tomatoes. i love them.
these little squash are so tasty i can eat pans full.
sausages blacked on the grill. yum.
my favorite way to cook garden zucchini: Grilled and sprinkled with fresh parmesan.
caught-that-morning crab (dillon beach). i don’t eat it, but it feels like summer.

i don’t have pictures for these things, but they sure do remind me of summer:

green beans
caprese salad
iced tea
lettuce wraps
sour cream & onion chips
rootbeer with ice
frozen yogurt

what about you?

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4 Responses to List 6/52: summer foods I love.

  1. grilled zucchini. olive oil, Parmesan, oregano

  2. mairedubhtx says:

    I’ll take all of these, please.

  3. Got groceries?……come on over!

  4. anonymously says:

    I could wax on about the photos, but I’m sure you’ve already heard plenty 🙂

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