Battle of the taco trucks

Food trucks have become quite the foodie trend recently — even in small little towns like Lodi. Over the weekend, the local arts commission sponsored a friendly food truck competition in the name of authentic cuisine and “fine” dining. When I say food truck, I actually mean taco truck. Our area hasn’t caught on that mobile food vendors — other than taco trucks — can be awesome (um, hello, Sacramento had a huge competition with Greek cuisine, bagel sandwiches, pizzas and barbecue — all sold from a kitchen on four wheels).

Six of us met up for the event to sample each of the tacos. Some were spicy, some were sweet. In the end, we chose our winner, though I have no idea who it was. The one we chose didn’t win People’s or Judge’s Choice, but that’s okay. Here are few photos from the day. What do you think, should I open a cheesecake camper to tow around the country?

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3 Responses to Battle of the taco trucks

  1. Carrie Lee says:

    Awesome! I dont think there is any food in the world i love more than tacos!!! With lots of cilantro and white onion!! MMMMMM

  2. Yo quiero Tacos! I’ve been meaning to try the Food Trucks in my area (Miami), think these photos have inspired me to do so :)) Thanks for sharing, UH!

  3. Maggie says:

    Correction. Griled cheese and cheesecake truck!

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