List 4/52 — The pleasures of house sitting

Sometimes I get obsessed with things. And then I get distracted. And move on to another obsession. And I kind of forget about the last thing. So I kind of forgot that I’m supposed to be doing (and definitely want to do) the whole 52 list project. Duh, Lauren, remember?

So I thought, why not share 13 reasons why house sitting for good friends can be awesome? Earlier this week, Maggie and I stayed at Cindy and Terry’s casa while they were out of town. Their house is pretty much the perfect house to sit because it’s so homey and comfortable and lovely.

So here’s the list. What would be on yours?

1. The bath tub. You know it’s good when there’s a huge selection of bath salts and lavender smelly thingies to put you at ease — and to sleep. No, literally. I had to make Maggie get out of the tub because she fell asleep and I really, really wanted a bath, too.

2. The pooches and kitties. They’ve stolen my heart, especially when you wake up with a cat on your back, a pooch at your feet, another cat beside you and an old dog passed out in his bed.

3. The jumbo container of red licorice. Yep, we found it.

4. Trashy TV. Maggie and Emma teach me so much about awesomely awful TV. It makes me really want to splurge on cable at my own house. (But maybe not because that whole distraction thing would not be good. Definitely not.).

5. You can cook something fun — for someone other than, um, yourself.

6. You can leave surprises.

7. You get to take a different route to work.

8. Awesome retro-fab Hipstamatic photos from your friends on vacay.

9. Morning light and open windows. Yum.

10. The patio swing. Double yum.

11. Change of scenery. Even a few nights out of your *zone* is good for the soul and senses.

12. Realization. That your bed at home (that you thought was awesome) isn’t really that great compared to the one you’re sleeping on now.

13. They come back. House sitting’s cool, but I love it even more when my friends are home.

Here are a few pics from le cell phone: In bed with Michael J. Fox, the pup; Viognier (and Maggie kissing the kitty in the background); fresh and garlic-intense dinner (no vampires allowed); a snail attacking C’s basil; and Starshine tickets.And I just can’t help posting some of the pictures Cindy sent me from the sea shore. I love the roadtrip food and beach sand.
Welcome home, my friends. Me, Maggie, Emma, Mikey, Boz, Lady, Max and the snails have missed you.

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One Response to List 4/52 — The pleasures of house sitting

  1. Erica says:

    Hi Lauren,
    Love your list – great fun. Totally agree with number 11. It’s funny how even an area you know well looks fresh when you come out of a different door! Also borrowing people’s pets is just great.
    I do house-sitting too – but for strangers (who usually quickly become friends). I’m with a website called which is just brilliant, as it’s full of people who’ve got lovely homes, and people who like house-sitting for free – all over the world. It’s a great way to travel!
    They are running a promotion at the moment so I think if you use the code FT23 you get 6 months free registration if you want to try it.
    Thanks for the blog – you’ve reminded me that I was going to start one!!!

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