Life lately: Spring turned winter turned summer. Gardens, new and green. Friends and a wine festival. Wild poppies bright and gold. Hammocks and bean bag tossing. Stuffy nose and scratchy throat. Sprouting terrariums. Visits from dog-teasing ducks. Late nights laughing. Paint stuck to my skin for days. An awesome camper obsession. Cherries and pickles. Thrift store scores. Passed out pups. Starlight campground. Cindy smiles. Retro daisy canisters. Pictures and prints. Ideas, so many ideas. Started projects. And ones waiting to be finished. Hate mail and happy mail. Resin frustration. Short days jump started with coffee.  A new good friend. Steak and potatoes. Birthday cake and popsicles. Penguin bowling. Maggie’s yellow vest and polka dot skirt. Grandma chats. Lotsa of deliriously yummy fun.

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One Response to Lately

  1. Ima Cherry says:

    Oooh la la luv zee post! Faves shots are Sara Lee duck hunting and Mikey Fox sheep counting…too cute. Gee you live a fun existence…so glad I can share your world with you!

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