Mexico City: Adventures from the back seat

Mexico City is not the safest place in the world, so a lot of my sightseeing was done from the backseat of Sheryl and Rodrigo’s Dodge Durango. I would try to snap scenes of life on the streets as we zoomed through neighborhoods, when I was allowed to have my window cracked, and when we were stopped in traffic. I was hoping to be able to walk around neighborhoods, to explore nooks and crannies and details, but you just can’t do too much of that in many of the areas I wanted to. These are a few shots from the back seat. Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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7 Responses to Mexico City: Adventures from the back seat

  1. mairedubhtx says:

    Beautiful photos of a beautiful country.

  2. Sheryl Garcia says:

    hello,where is papi’s faces,when he was eating,gracias,adios

  3. Mr Tree Man says:

    That’s some very cool street photography, esspecially under those circumstances. I feel inspired to go out and try some of that with my crappy little camera.

    If you found Mexico City interesting you must get to South Africa, to see life, like you have never seen it before. Oh and we also have one of the highest crime rates in the world.

    Thanks for putting those photos out, it’s about the closest I get to travelling.

  4. Val says:

    Was that an optical illusion or did I see a man face planted into the windshield of a bus??

  5. cb says:

    oh man i LOVE mexico but have not yet gone to mexico city! we spend a lot of time in merida where my family is from. oaxaca is my first on my list though!


  6. garydenness says:

    I reckon your Mexican friends were being just a little over protective! Not that that is a criticism, mind you. But suburban DF isn’t as dangerous as most people think, and that kinda goes for both foreigners and Mexicans themselves.

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