I love my weekends

It was another long and perfect weekend full of friends, sunshine and art. I’m really loving life right now, so I thought I’d do what Maggie did and skip Five Senses Monday and talk about all of the things that have made the last few days so wonderful.

Weekends that start on Thursday: I was off Friday, which meant “partay” time. That, of course, really means art time with Cindy. The late nights turned into a couple days of artsy splendor. It was one of those perfect few days that were totally relaxing and made me feel like I took a little vacation … which leads me to the next thing:

When a friend makes you feel so welcome: One of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me is make me a sleeping nook in the art studio. Oh my goodness! Cindy loves her art friends, and now we all have a place to sleep when our eyes glaze over in middle of the night and we realize we can’t drive home in art comas. When I got to her house Thursday, I went into the art studio and found the cutest bed, a basket of towels and magazines, a bowl of snacks and even photos of my doggie on blocks beside the bed. I’m still speechless.

Hanging out with 16 year olds: On Friday, Cindy’s daughter, Emma, came home with two of her friends. Before they left for a night of laser tag, Cindy and I talked them into doing a fun photoshoot in a sunny field. So cute, I’ll share them later.

Seeing my work under bee’s wax: One of the projects we worked on was a collage of my photos. We mounted them on a large board and covered it in bee’s wax. It’s really super cute, and totally matches the art room. We also tried out the bee’s wax on my typewriter and ferris wheel print. Yay.

Going back to prom: In the name of a good story, I went to a local high school prom Saturday night. It was nothing like my prom 10 years ago, and I did feel slightly old. Still, it was pretty fun. I hope to share more photos later … once I figure out if I’m allowed to show faces.

A day with mom: This Mother’s Day, we gave my mom just what she wanted: A day home to work in the garden. It was really relaxing and I think she had fun. We did a little grillin’, a little movie watching and then it ended with a visit from my sister and brother and their beautiful familias.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend, too!

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3 Responses to I love my weekends

  1. tee hee….who’s the crazy chick on the bike? LOVE the post…..so glad you like your camper cot…it’s got your name on it. Love the prom pics too…makes me giggle 🙂

  2. That looks like a whole week’s worth of awesome packed into a few days. 😀 I worked all weekend, so not nearly as exciting. Now I feel cheated. ;D

  3. Awesome collage Urban Hippie, keep up the good work and keep sharing with us flatland middle american arctic hippies. It keeps us hopeful that there is a sun…and hippies, hippies in the sun.

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