Finding vintage at the Street Faire

technically, we did find terrariums … er, jars. and yeah, i guess we did find artsy stuff. plus, i took home a $5 stevie nicks concert poster. um, score! check out cindy’s blog to see the creepy side of the street faire — plus she’s doing a giveaway.

what good street fairs/vintage shopping/thrift stores do you have near you?

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6 Responses to Finding vintage at the Street Faire

  1. The simplest little oddities make such delightful knick knack items for a shelf on that empty wall, like the clown for instance or a 1950’s photo of almost anything.

  2. Now, I’m really jealous, wish we had street faires like that around here. So much cool stuff…

  3. How cute is this post!!! You are my creative idol! God, I love your brain!

  4. This really I think truly captures the day. The only thing I could afford in the whole post was the mustached man, and I think maybe that would take my obsession from cute to creepy. Or like creepy to super creepy.

  5. Gypsy Mind says:

    None! I’m so jealous. Those $45 salt and pepper shakers are gorgeous and, agree, unfortunately priced.

  6. Valzy says:

    This is hilarious!!! I can totally hear you saying this stuff. TOO funny!!!

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