Another day in Mexico: Frida’s home and city

The smalltown of Coyoacan quickly became one of my favorite districts within Mexico City when I visited last month. It was charming with its street vendors and parks. It seemed quieter, lush and safer.

We went to Coyoacan to see Casa Azul (Blue House), Frida Kahlo’s parents’ home that she and Diego Rivera made their own. First, we explored the town and parks, where young people sat reading on benches in the warm air. We passed cafes and shops and I spotted a girl who looked like Frida herself, draped in layers of fabric and long dark hair rolled in buns on top of her head. “I could live here,” I actually said out loud.

We stopped for breakfast — I had chiliquiles potent with tomatillos . Afterward, we bought churros filled with chocolate and Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Soon, it was off to Frida’s house. There was really only one thing I knew I wanted to do in Mexico City, and it was visit Casa Azul. We walked there from the center or Coyoacan, through the old town lined with businesses I didn’t expect to see, like bookstores, more cafes and even a coffee bean roasting company. But as we walked through neighborhoods lined with green trees and food carts, we arrived at the house with that rich blue pigment no one can miss. We paid our admission — mine at least double the price of local’s admission — and entered into a lush courtyard, where I imagined Frida spent so much time painting and just existing.

I wanted so bad to take pictures of the art supplies and studio she and Diego shared, the clocks she painted (of time stopping, when Diego cheated on her) and of her body casts that are each covered in her paintings and sketches. But since they don’t allow photography, all I have are a couple of postcards and a photo of her room that holds her famous bed where she spent so much of her life.

I hope you enjoy these photos and a little glimpse into Coyoacan.

We had churros filled with chocolate and Bailey's Irish Cream. Mmm.

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11 Responses to Another day in Mexico: Frida’s home and city

  1. cindy deluz says:

    WOW! Your post is absolutely stunning. You prove time and time again that you are truly a brilliant and talented photographer and writer. The colors are utterly wonderful, I feel like I am actually there. Thanks for sharing your unique vision with the planet, makes it a far better place.

  2. Homesick for Frida now.

  3. Hi Lauren,
    Just stumbled on your site today after searching for Dia de Muertes. We have the love for Mexico in common.
    Thanks for the photos, it takes me back for a few moments.

  4. ascarolinas says:

    a igreja é maravilhosa.

  5. garydenness says:

    Ay ay ay. All those photos make me homesick. I did live in Coyoacan. Or close enough that I’d ride my bike through it to get to work everyday. I shall return. One day. I don’t know which day, but one day.

    Casa Azul is a nice stop. But a little steep price wise. Anahucalli (if I spelled it right!) is much more impressive. But I like history. So I always preferred Trotsky’s house-cum-museum.

    Loved the photos!

  6. garydenness says:

    By the by, did you like how the tower of the church is painted but the rest of it isn’t? They did that a couple of years ago. I wondered why. Then I came across an ancient colour photo of the church. Where the main part of the church was painted but the tower is not. So now I know why. It was just the longest case of ‘mañana’ in the history of Mexico…


  7. WOW~Beautiful pictures! Hope I can go to Mexico for travelling one day~

  8. V says:

    These are wonderful. Feels like I’m there.

  9. J. says:

    I LOVE your photos of Mexico! I’m also a huge fan of Frida! 🙂

  10. Marc Lougee says:

    Such a wonderful, inspiring, neat article. man, the photo’s are just incredible! I’m wanting to do a trip pronto! Thanks so much for the great post- happy to have another brilliant bright spot to visit on the interwebs. Cheers, M.

  11. hi Leah,
    You have great eye. I wonder, have you visited the Teotihuacan site while you were visiting Mexico city? If yes, was it easy to get there from the city? I would like to do that soon. I just love Mexico, its people and the life there.

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