Five Senses … Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, friends. Yesterday I developed a roll of mystery black and white film. I was so excited to find see memories of college and summer days with my lovelies, Mike and Des. I miss them so much. Des is as creative and soulful as ever in Brea/all over SoCal. And Mike is all grown up, living in Washington D.C and doing his perfect thing at the Washington Post. I admire them more than they know. I also think of them more than they know. And even though we can go a long time without communication, I feel as though we’re still connected in a wonderful way. Here are few pictures from the mystery roll:
Sometimes, you have to go swimming.

Sometimes, you have to have a cocktail. At Mike’s, you always have a cocktail.Sweet, sweet Michelle. She’s now momma to beautiful boys.Sometimes, you gotta hug your friends.Sometimes you see gypsies in the street. But totally don’t remember it.And sometimes you find pictures of a lake. That you assume you’ve been to?Sometimes when you move away to college, your parents adopt a momma goat and her baby.And sometimes, a new dog, too. This is Maxi (Maximus … say with a deep gladiator voice). She’s a sweetie and mostly human.And now, it’s time for Five Senses, where I reflect on the last few days through the five senses — even though it’s a day late. Play along on your blog or in the comments.

The summer smell of barbecue chicken, ribs and tri-tip on a quiet Easter Sunday.

Adele. I just can’t stop listening.

So proud of my friend Cindy for finishing the biz side of her art work that comes with a new stage of art licensing. Also, feeling so excited for her and not a bit sleepy after staying up until 5 a.m. with her, when we finally got her beautiful art organize on disk. Yay!

Springtime colors and blooms at a country nursery I never knew existed. (Um, yeah, there were supposed to be photos … but I don’t quite know how to work my old film camera).

Asparagus and strawberries in my new favorite salad. Thanks, love, for introducing me to this.

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2 Responses to Five Senses … Tuesday

  1. WOW! What a fun surprise to find these shots! Better than finding a machine washed $10 bill in the back pocket of your fave jeans! Love each foto….the blk and wht is perfect! Did I also tell you how much I love your south of the border shots….I keep going back to savor the color and life in each one. stunners!

  2. Des says:

    cannonbaaaallll! haha ahh! memories!! i love the pictures and i miss those days and i miss you guys like crazy. i always think of you and when i look at your blog i feel inspired by your creativity and your amazing photographs. thanks for sharing these, and thanks for being such an awesome person and friend 🙂 XO

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