Mexico’s handicrafts

One of my favorite days in Mexico was spent at a market filled with color. There were Katarinas (Dia De Los Muertos Southern belles), figures all hand painted, woven and beaded jewelry and tons of handicrafts. It was heaven. Weeks later, I’m looking back at these photos wishing I would have bought more. But I guess that always happens, right?

Enjoy these photos; there are a lot.

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  1. analevy says:

    Hi, just came across your blog and love your pictures!Those squeletons are call Muerte Catrina, no Katarina. She suposed to be a rich lady, it’s what catrina means.

  2. I love the lazy cats and the beautiful flowers. We need markets like this in the U.S. too where everything is bright and vibrant!

    • Scarlet Valdez says:

      It is best to visit these markets in the place of origin, this serves to meet other beautiful places and visit the beautiful beaches of Mexico, and visit the magic villages of Baja California Sur, Oaxaca, Sinaloa, Puebla and more!!, Mexico 🙂

    • artistaw13 says:

      I totally agree with this comment. 🙂 Where is the color in our world?

  3. Des says:

    i agree with maggie, the colors are amazing. such beautiful shots!

  4. I love your pics! Bright and beautiful and inspiring!

  5. Your Flickr page has a ton of good photographs too. I like the one with the peacocks and an orange tree in the background.

  6. Tori Nelson says:

    Brilliant color! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Good Morning. Wonderful photos with lots of color and life. Well done. Happy Friday to you. 🙂

  8. Wow, such colorful, fun scenes. I love the detail and craftsmanship that goes into these wares. Beautiful photos and congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  9. Markets in Mexico are amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos, and congrats on FP-ed. It will be equally amazing, I promise!

  10. You know, as a writer by passion and profession, I’m taking a tip from your post.

    COLOR! These images are so vibrant and beautiful — it makes me realize that as a writer, an artist, a human, we need color in our lives. I love the Mexican culture for espousing such a colorful approach … to everything!


  11. britt says:

    amazing photos, love all of the color. the one with all of the dolls is awesome (and a little creepy at the same time!) thanks for posting.

  12. Ting says:

    Oh I adored your mexico photos.


    Le Blog de Ting

  13. Lakia Gordon says:

    I really enjoyed the country while I studied there. The first picture reminds me of el Dia de los Muertos

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  15. analogmutant says:

    wonderful! I made a short vid on the Day of the Dead presentation by Grand Rapids (Michigan) Public Library this past year, they did a great job of it. Dia De Los Muertos is so inspirational. Great photos


  16. laura brown says:

    Were you in San Miguel de Allende?? Where in Mexico, because it so reminds me of SMA and the beauty of color.

    thank you so much

  17. super fantastic! thanks so much!

  18. Great images of a typical latin american market! Beinging Mexican American and growing up in Southern California, I constantly am inspired by these vibrant colors and try to incorporate them in to my New York apartment as liberaly as possible.

  19. sthowell says:

    Bright and beautiful photos–nice work.

  20. enjoibeing says:

    the colors of these pictures are amazing! vibrant and colorful! looks like you had a fun time shooting these photos. very very nice love your post eye popping!

  21. Tus fotos están hermosísimas, creo que has captado de una forma muy particular, esos colores y combinación de objetos. Lo disfrute mucho. Ojala puedas venir a Rep. Dom., y ver nuestra artesanía igual.

  22. AWESOME photos. Wow. I just love all the color…. and that bird is just remarkable, but I love the little horse-y figurines too, and it’s a good thing I’ve never been to Mexico because I’d come back laden with trinkets and relieved of all cash. 😀 Great blog and congrats on being Fresh Pressed!

  23. Sharp says:

    how cool is that!

  24. happypoppeye says:

    Great post and photos.

  25. Bravo Oscar Bravo says:

    Beautiful shots you’ve got. An eye-opener! Makes me wanna pay Mexico a visit too…

  26. ournote2self says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Your photos made me feel in Mexico! It is great that you have included people 🙂
    The colors are indeed amazing!

  28. Valerie says:

    We were in Playa Del Carmen for Dia De Los Muertos a few years ago and it was amazing to see the quality and detail of the artwork up close.

    It was definitely eye-opening how lovely it is (so much of the “tourist” art we come across doesn’t compare)

  29. Xicoinc says:

    The Catrinas are beautiful and the Oaxacan style animals are amazing. These are really great examples of Mexican folk art.

  30. What beautiful shots and handywork. Successful capturing of the the culture. Reminds me of when I visited. Check out some more handy work at Check out the art gallery and blog too. =)

  31. TweeCo says:

    Beautiful! Brilliant color!

  32. Victoria says:

    I love Catrinas. I even made one 😀

  33. I remember going to a Mexican market and wondering what should I buy to bring back to my classes? I chose about half a dozen toys I thought my students would enjoy: unos baleros, un boxeador, unas escaleras de Jacobo, unos gimnastas. There were so many colorful and ingeniously handcrafted items. In the end to avoid buying everything, I took dozens of pictures to show my students and avoided buying too much. Great, great pictures! You captured this market beautifully. Congratulations on your FP status today. Keep taking pictures.

  34. xannyyylove says:

    These pictures are beautiful. Which city were you in?

  35. MuDdLeCaKe says:

    Wow!! Amazing Pictures!! Oh N’ What vibrant colours… Loved them all!!

  36. I love your pictures!!
    Such Loud colours and very attractive…..
    Loved them all very very much…..!!

  37. Viva la Mexico! Thanks for the inspiration. Now off to buy some nachos.

  38. mblundo says:

    Amazing pictures! I am an indepedent travel agent who is new to the blogging world and am looking for followers. My blog name is Dream Come True Travel. Feel me to view the page or my website. Thank you for the support.

  39. Jen says:

    Thank you for the gorgeous pictures. The colors are amazing. I want that dragon!! I have never seen one like that before!

  40. Kate says:

    Incredible photos. I have been grabbing my camera a lot more lately to record people, places and things that move me. Thanks for the inspiration.

  41. starrypawz says:

    Gorgeous photos. I really love the unicorn/pegasus you have in there, the colours are so vibrant.

  42. Geoff says:

    I love these images with the vibrancy of the colors. A wonderful blaze of colors.

  43. Nanola says:

    Aaaaaaahhhh, THANK YOU! That was a deep sigh of gratitude. I lived in Puerto Vallarta for a few months and the colors and figures you captured helped that piece of my life return even for only a glimpse. Peacock was quite special 🙂

  44. Randi says:

    Amazing, oh I wish I was there! I love your shots–are you using digital or film? I can’t tell 😛

  45. I love all the colours, kinda makes me want to go to Mexico!

  46. portaldimoda says:

    I loved the México, your colors and your culture, for example of Frida, and the calaveras of the Posada. A loved the katrina by Posada! Beautiful post and beautiful pictures!

  47. Cindi says:

    What a fun way to spend the day. I love markets, and I too agree with one of the other comments that said we need more of these in the US. I see more of them in the area of the South that I live in than I guess there are in other places. Instead of markets they’re called “arts fest” or “wine fest” or “beer fest” seems as it their is always and festival of flea market going on. It’s just good to get outside and walk, mingle with others and learn different cultures.

  48. jule1 says:

    The one time I went to Mexico I couldn’t afford any of the painted animals — and now, from your pictures, I am coveting them! Of all the “stuff”, this is the thing I still would like to have. So much detail goes into them! Who knows why a person wants one thing and not another? Thanks for the pictures and for rekindling my desire to go back.

  49. Nice to see Mr. Death on this bright Spring day. Thanks.

  50. danagucito says:

    I see these handicrafts almost everyday and I had not realized how appreciated is mexican art in other countries.

    Thanks for the pictures, welcome to Mexico

  51. Bill says:

    Loved the photo’s. Where is this market located? Have you ever been to the Balderas
    Market in Mexico City?



  52. Antonio Cruz says:

    The “animals” without a defined shape are called “Alebrijes”

  53. Samantha Buckley says:

    Beautiful pics. Love all the color. What part of Mexico were you in?

  54. carriepulliam says:

    I love the tons and tons of colors that are used. Everything is so different and unique; it’s incredibly beautiful.

  55. The colors are amazing.
    Thanks for sharing.

  56. carla c. says:

    that’s amazing… love mexico e mexican culture.

    lovely photos 🙂

  57. merediiith says:

    beautiful, bright colors.

    i also liked the sleeping cats.

    instead of regretting not buying more, you should make a huge picture collage… then you can have it all. :]

  58. joanierobi says:

    so pretty! viva mexico!

  59. convictstock says:

    Thank you for bringing so much colour and uniqueness to my Saturday morning…your photography is gorgeous!

  60. ashleyturney says:

    Amazing photos. I just returned from a vacation in Cabo, and the vendors line the streets with these amazing wares. We brought home two dolls, each individually sculpted and painted. They are beautiful in such an eerie way! Thank you for bring them to light!

  61. sketchjay says:

    What great photos!

  62. Karen says:

    Beautiful! Love the brilliant colors of Mexico. Love the pictures of the children.

  63. Wow, amazing! Nice post! Thanks for sharing.

  64. You made my day. It’s beautiful!

  65. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing them. They also helped to clear some writers block I had, so thanks again.

  66. Harold says:

    Such vibrant colors, your photos are amazing. Their art work is very colorful. Congrats on being FP!

  67. afroxander says:

    Titeres and lucha libre masks…LOVE IT! Plaza Olvera in Los Angeles has a miniature version of a market like this.

    Which part of Mexico did you visit?

  68. Leo says:

    The picture was from Mexico was beautiful and wonderful …

  69. Beautiful and colorful pictures!Thank you for your sharing!

  70. These pictures are lovely! Great job!

  71. makingup3000 says:

    Very beautiful. I love color too.

  72. Awesome pictures! I wanna go to Mexico 🙂

  73. ashrules24 says:

    Only one word for your blog, AWESOME. Love your job.

  74. TonyTruax says:

    Es muy bueno. Great Pics.

  75. Love the beautiful colors and animal statues.

  76. kitsatwork says:

    The colors are arrestingly beautiful! 🙂 Thanks for sharing these

  77. alotofpomme says:

    so lovely Mexico ❤ and so nice color, like it

  78. be awake says:

    I like your photos. a few of them are amazing! right place, right time, right eye with camera 🙂

  79. addicrocks says:

    awesome.. !! nice clicks and really cool work!!

  80. Awesome pictures! I love the narrow depth of view. What lense did you use? I’m from Cali, but live in Malaysia. Have you ever thought bout coming here to take some pictures?

  81. yagerbabies says:

    Beautiful place and pictures! I especially love the 2nd one of the peacock, the lolly pops and the little girl with flowers around her head. Great job!

  82. Sajeevs blog says:

    Your pictures are brilliant, colourful and full of life:)

  83. freakslike says:

    just mess around on wordpress, when a gigantic colorfull photograph takes me to your blog…and i wish again and again and again that mexico wouldn´t be so far away…wonderfull pictures…

  84. I love the photos. All of them are colorful. I like it 😀

  85. Amazing handicrsft products.I just love to shop for this type of things.They are really attractive.

  86. flydaniel says:

    you got nice set of photos there! very colorful! 🙂

  87. Lynn Minney says:

    i just got back from mexico & i have to say that i wish would’ve bought more too. i loved the pottery & textiles. great photos!!!

  88. Doyle Phillips says:

    Your Mexican handicraft pics are muy alegre. An enthusiastic and interesting tour. Thanks from México.

  89. carabean79 says:

    great pics!!! I feel like I was actually there

  90. Awesome. 😉 I know why you like all those bright colors. I would have been feasting on the sights with my camera, too!

  91. The cat is my favorite pic. (Sorry forgot to say earlier)

  92. i love every single piece you’re showing!

  93. MaraFotemia says:

    Lovely shots! Colors and subjects are beautiful !

  94. teresabear says:

    how colorful! love the pictures ~~!!

  95. Wow, very nice photos and wonderful colours!

  96. ninnys1 says:

    WOW! It was nice re-visiting via your blog enrty…Fantastic photography! Thanks for my smile this fine morning. 🙂

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  98. Linda Douglas says:

    Glorious! Mexican markets have provided me with the best shopping experiences!

  99. Hi Lauren,

    That’s a hit, well done.
    I also love Mexico and its artisans, its way of life and the vibrancy and simplicity one can experience. I just was in Jalisco, in Ajijic and also spent time in Tonala, a suburb of Guadalajara, and Tlaquepaque, where many crafts are sold. I wondered where you were and the photos were made. I picked up an antique Dia de Muertos angel with nice large wings in flying position, with a skull for a head, carrying what looks like a large pineapple.
    Many here in Canada always ask about safety in Mexico lately, so I wrote a post on my blog about that. Thanks for the photos, Johanna

  100. ascarolinas says:

    adorei as fotos… muuuito bonitas!

  101. hippyilse says:

    Beautiful pictures!! Nice 2 meet another hippie here….;-)

  102. Megly says:

    Beautiful! Just got back from Mexico, as well…there was so much color everywhere! Couldn’t help but smile. A lot of the souvenirs I saw weren’t this beautiful, though. I did bring home some hand-woven turtles 🙂 And I want those purses (about half-way down the page)!

  103. Jimmy says:

    I was in Peru in ’98. All of the trinket srotes had much of the same junk painted in the same way. I probably had $100 worth of the stuff (which was on the order of 50 or 60 trinkets) when I stumbled across a guy in an alley who was selling hand-painted postcards for about 50 cents. I bought four and sent two. The other two are in my office. Gorgeous and blue and vibrant and unique. I wish I had spent just a few dollars more with that guy!

  104. Just wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  105. The blacks dolls are cute!
    Do they have a name like Muerte Catrina?

  106. The colors are gorgeous, you really capture the beauty of Mexican artwork

  107. The ‘Catrina’ was created as a metaphorical representation of the societie’s upper class before the Mexican Revolution (1910), but was later adopted as the representation of death in Mexico celebrated as ‘Día de Muertos’ (the Day of the Dead) on November the 1st and 2nd; on these day we decorate our houses to receive the souls of our dead with joy and respect. But also the ‘Catrina’ with her flamboyant personality, flirty and bold reminder that life is here and now.
    Great pictures, Congratulations.

  108. Rike says:

    Those colors are just amazing and make me wanna travel even more to see all the beautiful places earth still provides for us!!!

  109. Wow I wish I was in Mexico right now.

  110. The Mexican crafts are always a feast for the eyes with their bright colors. So enjoyed a trip down memory lane. We have been to various Mexican areas and have always loved the people and their crafts. The photo’s made me want to go back soon.Nicely done ….!!!!

  111. mattabar says:

    wish i was there great pics

  112. theglammie says:

    This is one of the most inspiring posts I’ve seen!!!! As a fashion designer I’m always looking for inspiration, and with this it’s like I’ve taken a trip to Mexico myself!! You definitely just got another subscriber!!

  113. Gorgeous pictures. I invite you to read my article “Lupe” in my Mexico category. It tells the story of a treasure of a woman who we dared not photograph or share her picture.

  114. btlau says:

    love the vibrant colors!

  115. Moira Nell says:

    These are awesome. I remember going to a similar market in Prague and feeling the same way. I have a house full of travel trinkets so I guess I couldn’t have bought more anyway!

  116. umersultan says:

    This is a great post, thank you for sharing these. There are few pictures that look a little similar to Pakistani Handicrafts. Pictures are very nice.

  117. Golden says:

    Wow Mexico sure looks nice and has lots of culture i wish i can go back!

  118. Cherszy says:

    All of those photos were lovely! I especially like the skeletons and the unicorns. I think they’re very creative! 🙂

  119. iamkathlopez says:

    I love all your pictures! I’m inlove! 🙂

  120. badtwincam says:

    Sure like the photos….Always liked the bright colors of Mexico and Panama.

  121. srulz says:

    wow it’s wonderful… creative arts.. 😀 i like it…

  122. life1487 says:

    Your photos were awesome! Thank you for posting them.

  123. bearcat8 says:

    Fantastic pictures! Well done!!

  124. Thaanie says:

    Cute & Funny Pics.. 🙂

  125. xdrag says:

    wow! that looks incredible!

  126. freeolina says:

    wow its a superb collection of beautiful things in Maxico market.theyre displaying the unique national these gorgeous pics expecially love the unicorns.that’s very creative!

  127. Kajan says:


  128. Lavigne says:

    oh, it is so beautiful!

  129. lynnsbooks says:

    Beautiful pictures – I love the unicorn.

  130. mairedubhtx says:

    Your photos truly capture the colors and sights of Mexico. Great job.

  131. These pictures are wonderful. They’ve given me the traveling bug…especially with all of this warm weather on the way. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photographs.

  132. Great Photos ! You truly captured the essence of their culture.

  133. investment says:

    It’s all so colorful!

  134. textilechica says:

    Gorgeous! Are these all taken at the same market? Can you let me know which one?

  135. jfkipling says:

    love the pics

  136. Captainkrash says:

    simply love everything about this post, you’re one helluva a photographer. this made me miss mehico!

  137. lizzie says:

    gorgeous gorgeous photos. the colors are outstanding. nicely done!

  138. Parkat says:

    The skulls are slightly scary 😦 cool tho.

  139. artfashionandhim says:

    LOADS OF STUNNING PHOTOS! I really want to go see a Day of the Dead celebration, and the Holy Week festivites one day…. but no joke, great job. I love the skeleton figurines and the unicorns and such.

  140. prettyhandmade says:

    Amazing collection of photos! Thanks for sharing!

  141. eyecool says:

    Love your pics!

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  143. apollodorosh says:

    These are some really nice pictures of some really nice stuff… I especially like those skeleton-figures 🙂

  144. These pictures are gorgeous. What a fabulous place it looks to be. Thanks for sharing.

  145. jessica says:

    great pictures! when i was in new mexico i bought the most amazing catrina doll/statue, she’s so fragile though that i’ve already broken off all her limbs at least once and had to re-glue them on. wanted to start collecting them, but maybe it just wasn’t meant to be in my case hahaa.

  146. bonzoWhale says:

    I’m sure this was said before me and is probably not very relevant, but they’re actually called Catrinas… the story of the Catrina and the Mexican portrayals of death begin with the amazing cartoonist José Guadalupe Posada.

    Of course, Katarinas is probably a widely used term as well, not unlike the misconception of tacos as hard shelled tortillas, or the idea that Cinco de Mayo is a HUGE freaking deal in Mexico… but that’s just what gets “lost in translation”.

    Random nitpicking misconceptions aside, these are truly beautiful pictures of the markets, very colorful, and any good publicity Mexico can get is surely to be appreciated, because it’s truly a marvelous country (and I’m not just saying that because I’m Mexican).

  147. Simple stuff yet so electric.Is there a site where you can buy this stuff. I’d like to shelve a whole wall with it. How about pictures painted wooden carts and wagons.

  148. littlebearz says:

    very colorful indeed. Too colorful 🙂

  149. OMG how did you not absolutely buy EVERYTHING in those photos??

    I would have a hard time narrowing my selection down to just a few things from your photos alone, let alone an entire market!

    Looks like a wonderful place; I wouldn’t even know where to start! I really want to go to Mexico… Beautiful pics!

    x Kitten

  150. 2Φ3Σ27Φ (\)λ√λ22Φ.·. says:

    I love all the colors, but where exactly in Mexico is this?

  151. Lovin that peacocock! Thanks for sharing!

  152. Heidi says:

    So so gorgeous! I’m thinking I need a little more color in my life! 🙂

  153. Wow fantastic,so beauty full pictures

    Thanks for sharing beauty full post.

  154. Love you pictures. You must have had a wonderful time collecting them. I’ll stop back by again soon. Thanks!

  155. dalairunner says:

    wow what a great blog!! what great photography!! a follower from Vancouver Island…

  156. Great,
    when we go Mexico we stay in Puebla and near the Zocalo there is a famous stret market named El Parian and other named Los Sapos.

  157. richannkur says:

    Simply Awesome…. i feel like going for shopping.

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  159. tesorolawson says:

    love this post!!

    love the colours and the feeling of exuberance it brought to the page!!

    congrats on being freshly pressed!!

  160. Its nice awesome. thnx for sharing…

  161. geometricadomestica says:

    beautiful pictures!
    Good work!

  162. rtcrita says:

    Oh! What memories that pic of the marionettes brought back to me! My parents took us to Mexico when I was about 5 or 6–to visit relatives. They bought the four of us girls (back when there were only 4 of us still)beautiful marionettes to play with. I can still remember the colorful dress my doll had.

    I’ve always loved and been fascinated by marionettes ever since then. I use to love the shows that came to our school when I was in grade school. And I love all your images, too!

  163. TomParrot says:

    awesome pics!! they are so vibrant and the way you captured them was simply great!! thanx for sharin..

  164. Woooowww….an awesome collection of stunning artwork!! 🙂 u must be having tons of patience to capture these all. Excellent work!! 🙂 love’em 🙂

  165. Great pics! The lady´s name is “Katrina”, and the fictional animals are called “Alebrijes”

  166. Ray Harris says:

    Yes the mexican craftspeople are highly creative -particularly on the theme of Dia de Muertos. Have you seen the nuns in their habits but showing their naked derriere?


  167. What a fabulous collection of colorful photos. Thanks for sharing and congrats on Freshly Pressed.

  168. Anagh Narain says:

    Hey. amazing pictures. I never knew Mexico had such a vibrant, vivid handicraft collection. Normally, handicrafts bore me to the extent that I avoid them like the plague. But this makes me want to go and buy some. Infact the pictures posted on the WordPress homepage was what drew me here. 😀

  169. blogsreflexion says:

    You seem to have captured ‘soul of Mexican handicrafts’. Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing.

  170. richmza says:

    Qué lindas fotos!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Qué bueno estar en el país de Frida Kahlo, y sobre todo ver esas artesanías de la muerte, ellos tienen todo un culto a la muerte. Me fascina cuando para los primeros días de Noviembre componen esos poemas llamados “calaveritas”. La verdad que son muy religiosos, y llenos de energía. Ojalá pueda ir algún día.

    Let me know if you don’t speak Spanish, I’ll translate it! Kisses!

  171. Love the skeleton dude!!

  172. roBer says:

    Preciosas photos!

  173. dietplaid says:

    Terrific photos!
    Where in Mexico did you go? I was in Mexico City, Xalapa, Naolinco, Puebla, and Tlaxcala back in 2007. Dia de los Muertos art, and Mexican art in general. is beautiful and I too wish I’d bought more. Next time, right? I brought way too many clothes so that didn’t help.

  174. DiveInPink says:

    What type of camera do you use? Such great photos!

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  176. love it so much . thanks for share !

  177. estonian says:

    What a Wondefrul World it is!

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  179. Rose says:

    These are just amazing, love the vibrant colors of Mexico. Such a vivid life and passion for life itself. Your photos are just stunning, love that I came across your blog.

  180. Tofi Luk says:

    In case you may want to join my weblog’s Q BLOG AWARDS 2011:

  181. tianjiawei says:

    I love the photos. All of them are colorful. I like it.
    Rosetta Stone

  182. Usup Supriyadi says:

    very nice and colour full. i like this 😉

  183. these colors are so vibrant! beautiful pics!

  184. tonyh4 says:

    Really wonderful and terrific stuff.

    Does anybody know an online-shop where one can get such beautiful handworks?

  185. Ah! Just beautiful, there is nothing like Mexican crafts. When not doing Boswell things, I have been known to make mexican-inspired jewellery. I’m always amazed at how little people know about it, thank you, just stunning!

  186. Mimi says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us. I lived in Mexico as a child and I was brought back by those beautiful colors. I remember the dolls, the candy, the figurines, and the artisan women at work. Amazing shots! Congratulations on being FP!!!

  187. difergiga says:

    you have a very nice blog this “dia de los muertos” is a very famous mexican celebration, those handicrafts where very nice keep sharing the beauties of the worlds whit us 🙂

  188. Great photos, and a very nice display of the varied and colorful crafts of Mexico. Makes we want to grab my shopping bag and hit the markets.


  189. Vivi says:

    Desde colombia un saludoMe encantaron tus fotos estoy buscando algo especial mi novio trajo de mexico una cadena con un dije en forma de toro blanco tu me podrias decir pot favor el material en que fue fabricado y si lo has visto ..

  190. Vivi says:

    Greetings from Colombia I loved your picture I’m looking for something special mexico my boyfriend brought a string with a pendant in the form of white bull your pot can you tell me please the material that was manufactured and if you’ve seen ..

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  192. H. Marahrens says:

    I really like the pictures!!

  193. I’m blogwalking and your pictures amaze me so much. Never known how beautiful the Mexicos handicrafts. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  194. williams says:

    awesome picture, you put ypur feelings on that shots. relax and breath your themes ? thanks for share.

  195. winsolu says:

    I love Mexico’s handicrafts when i read this post. i think i will go there some day. 🙂

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  197. eva626 says:

    colors galore…i like the bags and the pots!!!

  198. GREAT REVIEW! I pretty much agree with all you said in your article, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, your post is very valuable as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your great blog:) Isabella S.

  199. These pictures are wonderful. They’ve given me the traveling bug…especially with all of this warm weather on the way. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful photographs.

  200. Thanks for sharing content to read. I’m happy to read it.

  201. Amazing 🙂 I used to live in Mexico and I saw these beautiful things everyday as a young girl ♥ I have a couple of handmade dolls in my room.

  202. BornOnSaturday says:

    What great photo’s I hope one day to visit mexico!

    To see the latest street fashion of Perth check out

  203. mariasv14 says:

    I LOVE IT!! Mexico is amazing !!

  204. Cosmo says:

    amazing! makes you wanna travel to Mexico! 😀

  205. Len says:

    Really great photos of Mexico and Mexican folk art. Thanks for sharing.

  206. These are fantastic photos. The Mexican folk art is my main area of interest and it is truly amazing.

  207. This is the best blog for handy craft made by wooden.

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