Five Senses Monday

It was a lovely — though, busy — week in LaurenLand. I captured some of it with le ol’ camera, including a great birthday/post-Mexico lunch with my friend Cindy. There are a few photos I didn’t take this week that I wished I would have (like of my new birthday camera strap from Cindy (LOVE IT), a masterpiece picture my niece drew for me, and a fun day that included me trying to make resin pendants for the first time).

Enjoy these few photos of recent life, and check out Five Senses Monday at the end. Have a great week, friends. I’ll be back real soon with a post on peacocks.

Cindy made me quirky Love Monster. I love him. These are her photos from her artsy blog. Go on and buy tickets to win a hippie beach cruiser.

And here's Cindy — this is one of my favorite pics of her — also from her blog.

And now it’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the last few days through the five senses.

Endless chips and salsa with a strawberry mojito while surrounded by local kids getting ready to go to their prom.

Glue and resin, the makings of super cute pendants.

Friends’ perfect perspectives, nudges and advice : )

A horde of ghosts. Not literally, but it felt like it.

Limited, yet wide open. And the sun on my face on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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One Response to Five Senses Monday

  1. investment says:

    Wow, it all looks so refreshing!

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