Hola from Ciudad de México

Hola, amigos. I just wanted to say hello from Mexico City. I’m staying with friends and we’re having so much fun. On this trip, I’ve definitely embraced my inner tourist, complete with camera hanging around the neck and wallet necklace stuffed under my clothes. Some of the most interesting stuff, though, has come just from hangin’ with the locals and trying to roll my Rs as much as possible. I got a little sunburned on the pyramids today, so maybe I’ll blend in soon enough.

Here are some highlights from the trip. I will be back home soon with a gazillion more photos.

(The first photo is a Diego Rivera mural at Palacio Nacional in Zocalo. They are so amazing! And below is from a fancy breakfast we had in Centro. They brought me birthday cake after our breakfast and everyone sang to me).

After a lot of running around, Rodrigo got me some of my own mariachis. Well, sort of. We pulled into Plaza Garibaldi, where bunches of mariachis stand just waiting to get hired for an event or to play on the spot. They sang me three songs, and I was mucho impressed.
This is the Cathedral that is just breathtaking. 

Of course, we’ve done quite a bit of shopping. I’m starting to understand pesos versus dollars, though I still have no idea when to use the coins.

I’ve been on the outlook for masked Lucha Libres. When all else fails, look in the newspaper (where you can order hookers and see dead bodies daily).

And more murals by Diego Rivera.

We saw two protests in Centro yesterday.

And the best part is seeing mi familia:

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2 Responses to Hola from Ciudad de México

  1. cindy deluz says:

    Hi Honey Girl!
    So glad you posted on your blog….very cool. Love the artsy shots and the little chica at the end is simply adorable! Miss you mucho grande!

  2. stratobeto says:

    amigos ajajaj xD ¿how are you?.. the photos are amazing , I like it very much …see ya

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