Packing for Mexico, a saga

It hit me today that I only have three nights before I leave for Mexico City. Yippee! However, that means I should probably figure out the packing situation. I doodled (see, ‘doodling more’ is on my list of stuff to do this spring) a potential list this afternoon.When I got home, I threw everything on my bed into a huge pile and this is what I got. Scary, I know. But alas, it’s all organized now … or at least until I pull the next load of laundry out of the dryer.

Wish me luck. And give me your suggestions if you have them (especially if you’re a good camera-gear packer).

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2 Responses to Packing for Mexico, a saga

  1. LOL! (both versions!) LOVE your doodles!!!! Just one question…..What is “Chicken Poop?”!!!!

  2. dario10 says:

    When flying just make sure your cameras are with you as a carryon if possible. I have heard of stories where people lose there gear and never get it back. Especially dont want to lose those film cameras!

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