Five Senses Monday | on film

We have a new favorite Mexican restaurant called El Maguey. It’s just … great. I caught a little of our Friday afternoon splurge on some film. Please feel the guilt that comes with a bowl of white cheese sauce …
Now, here’s Five Senses Friday, where I reflect on the last few days through the five senses. Play along!

Wait for it, wait for it: Old home videos in which I have blond hair down to my waist with half of it in a huge scrunchi on top of my head, two missing front teeth and way too many T-shirts tucked into my shorts. Even though the video spans months, I repeatedly (and annoyingly) sing “Pippi Longstocking” every time the camera is pointed at me. Yep. The rest of the film is of my older sister doing The Running Man (uh-huh), my older brother tackling one of us, my younger sister being silent and cute in pig-tails and my little brother, also, singing “Pippi.”

Coffee, beignets and a savory crepe during a long lunch with one of my bestestest gals.

Eerie, howling wind sneaking through my window pane late Saturday night.

Excited and anxious. (Now that it’s not longer a secret, I can talk as much as I want about my trip to Mexico City that is just a few days away … prepare for a lot more later).

Wine barrels at a local art show held inside a winery.

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One Response to Five Senses Monday | on film

  1. LOL (the laugh version) I gotta see “The” video! Who knew you were a P.L. fan….must be the braids that won you over 🙂

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