Hello, Springtime (list 2/52)

today’s the first day of spring. i feel like it should be sunny and i should be outside helping to prepare the ground for tomatoes. instead, it’s a cold wintery day that has invited me to stay in my pjs and stream an entire missed season of ‘grey’s anatomy,’ all while catching up on some de-cluttering of a bursting bookshelf. i also did some thinking about all the things i want to do in this next season that always seems to represent fresh starts and newfound beauty. i’m excited in more ways than one, especially because i plan on incorporating roller skates into my life very soon. but enough with this, here’s the list. tell me your plans, please …

list two: things to do this spring:

1. start kayaking in april. with the dog.

2. reach page 100 in my novel.

3. go outside of the united states.

4. find at least three favorite new bands.

5. do the stairmaster five days in a row.

6.wear fishtail braids at least once.

7. doodle more.

8. make a rainbow hippie cake.

9. ride my longboard down a tree-lined street.

10. photograph the mission district on a warm day.

11. collaborate with the artsy chick.

12. take pictures of sophia in thrifted daisy-print bell bottoms.

13. spend an afternoon at the roller rink.

14. take my bike in for a tune up.

15. buy strawberries from the nice family who owns the roadside stand.

16. make a coffee table photo book

17. redo my bedroom.

18. make enough stuff for a craft fair.

19. have a pippi longstocking marathon.

20. buy a fuji 210 instax wide. gonna do it and so excited.

21. watch the last season of weeds on dvd.

22. get lost in pixie woods.

23. launch my website.

24. read “how did you get this number?” (by hillarious sloan crosley).

25. make vintage tea cup/coffee mug candles.

26. surprise a friend.

27. do an all-film photo shoot.

28. cook/eat outside more.

29. plant some veggies.

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4 Responses to Hello, Springtime (list 2/52)

  1. dario10 says:

    I plan to do alot more of film work as well! As well as some exhibition work!
    PS~ what filters do you use in photoshop?

    • Lauren says:

      Hey Dario. Film is really fun, but I find that I either love or hate the results. I suppose you get better with time, as all things. Lately I’ve been using Oeil actions, and I just tweak them until I get what I like.

  2. Kristi says:

    You are my favorite blogger! I check you page most every day. Thanks for all the inspiration, both little and big. I would love to find a friend like you in Michigan! Keep up the great work.

    • Lauren says:

      Aw, Kristi, how sweet! Thank you for reading. If we lived in the same state, we would totally hang out. Keep reading and don’t be a stranger around here! Lauren

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