Girls of Locke

Locke is one of my favorite places on the planet. I feel like those of us who get to experience its magic share a little secret that no one else knows. It’s definitely one of those rare places I only share with my closest peeps, those who I know will appreciate its history, silence, quirks, cats, tilting buildings, rickety steps and overgrown gardens. Yesterday I got to share Locke with two beautiful gals, my friend Cindy and her daughter, Emma. We went to “research” my assignment for work, and I couldn’t have asked for better company or a better assignment. It was fun to see them get excited about the small charms of the town, the same things I fall in love with and photograph every time I walk through. It was also great to explore with another photo-bugg, who is finding her eye, taking beautiful pictures and falling in love with the camera. Got to Cindy’s blog to see her artful take on Locke.
Thanks, girlies, for a really great day!

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7 Responses to Girls of Locke

  1. martha esch says:

    Lauren, great photos of Locke! Please return again soon, and if you can plan for a first Saturday morning of any month (except june – i have to be somewhere else that day), Bring your easel, paintbrushes and canvas for my monthly “Paint the Town” Locke paintout from 9 to noon and “sandwich critique” at 11:30 am. 916 776 1000 ~martha

  2. Maggie says:

    I love that black and white picture of the buildings. It really shows their character. I kind of loved exploring Isleton in the rain. It was so still and quiet and really made me focus on the little details. Also, work “research” is the best.

  3. Great shots LOL! You are the best photographer on the planet. I am bowing to you as I type. With admiration from your loyal subject.
    hugs~ “Grasshoppa”

  4. Carrie Lee says:

    I stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago and have spent everyday going through your old posts and pictures. JUST AWESOME!!!
    What/Where is Locke? Never heard of it.
    Also, I LOVE your pictures. Are they edited in photoshop? Is it a filter? How do you get that same look for most of your pictures?

    • Lauren says:

      Hi Carrie, thanks so much for visiting. Yes, I use Photoshop and I use vintage actions, like Totally Rad actions, to get some effects. Locke is on the Delta in Northern California. It’s awesome. Let me know if you plan to visit and I’ll tell you more. Lauren

      • Carrie Lee says:

        Nope! No visit plans! I am in Chicago.

        I have been a photographer in Chicago for many years and have never done much editing on my pictures. I now have photoshop and after seeing the different actions available, i think i am going to have to stop being so scared of photoshop and start using it!!

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