Late one night | on film

After dark on a cool winter night, a group of friends got together. They sat outside under a beaded chandelier and a big lamp that kept them warm and toasty. The table was decorated with a cluster of glowing white candles, red cocktails and bowls of sliced limes, salsas and a platter of grilled steak and shrimp. They talked and joked and laughed, sipping and savoring in between smiles.

The tortillas were put away and cupcakes topped with strawberry cream, Oreos and butter cream were passed around. Even those who were stuffed on shrimp tacos couldn’t resist the fluffy frosting and cake. They played with a film camera in the dark, looked at the art that still hangs on the wall and went in one door and out the other to trick the circus cat who is highly skilled at sneaking out into the dark night.

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2 Responses to Late one night | on film

  1. Maggie says:

    I just can’t get enough of that last picture. I think you need to take a lot more film pics at night. So pretty!

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