99 cent roll of film

I, let’s just say, “found” this Pentax K1000 all alone in a dark closet, untouched since probably 1979, and have had so much fun figuring it out. I love the weight of it in my hand and the sound of the film advancing when I shift the lever with my thumb.

I don’t know a lot about film or this camera (so little, in fact, that I actually ripped the film after I finished a roll; then, I went on a whole excursion by the river and didn’t even know there was no film in the camera). You live, you learn. You take pictures, you mess up, you eventually figure something out, right?

I did a practice roll on super old black and white first, but was excited to develop a color roll. Like film cameras, I also know little about film. But I think sometimes, you just have to play. That’s why I didn’t hesitate one bit to try a roll of 200 film from the 99 Cent Store. Though film and processing is hard to come by in our digital age, it’s nice to know there is cheap film at random variety stores.

These are some practice photos I thought I’d share: of Sophia (of course), my sister (her momma), Sophia driving on her daddy’s lap for the first time, coffee (!) and Maggie (the gentlewoman). I love the color and light of these photos. This camera and film really does offer a subtle warmth I really enjoy.

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One Response to 99 cent roll of film

  1. Maggie grew a beard! It was just a matter of time before she would do this….she is so talented and might I add, quite dapper now 🙂

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