Five Senses Monday

Happy Monday, friends. It was kind of a low-key weekend of attempted (but not actual) writing, shopping, eating and laughing with out-of-control hysterical siblings and one certain menopausal cousin who very openly offered lessons on flirting/dating and how to make hot flashes work in your favor. I don’t think any of us will ever be able to forget that conversation … unfortunately : )

And now, here’s Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the last few days through the five senses. Play along in the comments or on your own blog:

Southern Gooey Cake. Um, yum. We can’t get her to reveal the recipe, but we did find out it has cream cheese and an entire POUND of powdered sugar). Man, oh, man.

Work by an new old photographer that I love (the first pic below) and a ferris wheel on my way to work.

Girls cackling.

So inspired by, and proud of, my friend Cindy who has gained a new perspective on healthy living after gastric bypass surgery. She can now eat solid foods, and we celebrated with tuna and sushi.

A strangers perfume that made me very nostalgic of a time I don’t remember.

I thought I’d share a few photos from last week. This is from a photo book I’ll share later:

ferris wheel:

for baby:

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