Photo blocks

On Sunday, super awesome Artsy Chick Cindy and I had an art day. We hunkered down in her art studio that would make any creative person jealous, and made a picture puzzle block. Cindy has this ability to look at something random and see its artistic potential. It’s the best super power, ever.

With wooden children’s blocks found at the thrift store, we made a puzzle for my niece Sophia. We used Photoshop to get pictures the right size and then carefully cut six photos into quarters. Cindy painted the blocks black … and then we glued, first with Mod Podge and then topped it all of with an outer coat of high-gloss glaze. I think it turned out super cute, especially for our first time.

I gave Sophia the little gift when she came over last night, and she loved it. Figuring out how to put it together is surprisingly challenging, but she’s already starting to get it.


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One Response to Photo blocks

  1. Yay! How cute is that! Sophia is such a doll and so are you! Rock on my fellow artsy chick 🙂

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