Hymn for Her

Last week I learned about a little band called Hymn for Her. They’re originally from Philly, but they pretty much are from Anywhere, USA, because they live in their 1961 16-foot Bambi Airstream with their black lab and 3-year-old. Lucy plays the greatest instrument, a cigar-box/broomstick handle guitar, as well as the banjo. Wayne plays both of those, the hi-hat, harmonica and kick drum (almost all at the same time). Wayne says their music is kind of “stomp grass,” a fusion of rock and bluegrass. It’s definitely different.

I wrote about Hymn for Her last week and did an interview with Wayne one morning. I started listening to their CD (their albums and pics are in the below collage, from their Website) after I talked to him, and really got kind of hooked. It’s definitely unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Listen to their music here.

Last night’s show was quaint and nice and I feel like a lot of locals (in my very boring, non-adventurous community) missed out on a great show and a great musical act.

Here are some pics from last night’s show. My favorite part was the old showing of old slides that Wayne says he found in his dad’s house. f


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