Five Senses Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Since we were all out enjoying the end of three-day weekend yesterday, I thought I’d save Five Senses for today … something to look at as you wake up in these first hours of work. I hope the coffee is strong and hot and creamy and it wasn’t too hard to get up today.

This weekend was filled with beautiful people, warm afternoons and cold, snuggly mornings.

Hanging out with Cindy Sunday afternoon was a treat. We aimed for a photo trip to the flea market (she just got a new fancy camera), but by the time we wandered over, there were only old vans and canopy skeletons in the parking lot. It gave us a good excuse to hit our favorite thrift store.

I think it’s a little bit of a tradition for me to buy the most random, and perhaps awful, find of the day for Maggie. She has a lot of crap from me, but I couldn’t keep this “lovely” decorative plate out of the cart. Maggie loves beards and mustaches (she’s obsessed!), so I think she’ll love this weird guy — or not. I’m not sure if he’s a pirate or a perv with a night cap. And there’s nothing like eyes that follow you all around the room. She’ll love it. I’m sure. I’m thinking that “Awesomely Awful Thrifted Finds For Maggie” might have to be a new blog series.

The best find of the day was definitely a red vintage Thermos (pictured below). I made tortilla-less chicken tortilla soup (inspired by our El Polo Loco dinner post-thrifting)  yesterday just so I can take soup to work this week in my Thermos. I love it so much!

And, finally, here is Five Senses Tuesday, where I reflect on the last few days through the five senses. Play along, why dontcha?

Violins, feet stomping, my partner yelling “over here” and “go there” and my inner not-so-silent voice yelling, “What were you thinking!?” at a very fun and very intimidating night of contra dancing (like square dancing, but not) in Davis.

Creeped out by spiders. Who knew we’d find spiders while sitting on a quilt in middle of a tall-grass meadow in middle of winter? Huh, not me.

Welcomed transformations in friends and in myself.

Saturday brunch: Veggie omelet with red potatoes at a funky place in Sacramento called Ink, ‘cus it’s decorated like a tattoo parlor.

Coffee beans and fire and tortilla soup.

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3 Responses to Five Senses Tuesday

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  2. miriam says:

    about the dude on the porcelain plate. he’s quite a ‘famous’ german artist from the
    olden days. goes by the name of albrecht dürer. just thought i’d share. m.

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