goofy kid + five senses monday

Happy Monday, everyone. The rain has come a day early, but at least the weekend was pretty sunny (though a hoodie was still very necessary). My nephew Joseph came over Saturday and we watched a few movies (like the super cute “Dispicable Me”), ate some mac ‘n’ cheese, road (and crashed) the longboard, rode the mechanical space ship at the store, held hands on an afternoon walk and played cameras. “Is this the jungle camera?” he constantly asks. He likes to pretend we’re safari photographers.
And now, it’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the weekend through the five senses:

Turkey burgers, a la Jen style (my favorite way). Mix a pound of  ground turkey with a packet of onion soup mix, dump in a bunch o’ shakes of Worcestershire sauce and grill.

Road burn: The skateboard coming to a sudden halt. Panic. Feet in the air. Me flying over Joseph (he was sitting on front of the skateboard and I was standing, “driving” behind). Plop of the gravel, elbows first and forward. Slide. Pain. Ouch. Blood. Bummer.

Mumford and Sons. It’s so nice to have new music.

“The Romantics,” a pretty film:

And lots of trailers for upcoming indie movies, including this one:

Garlic bread getting all toasty in the oven. My downfall, my weakness.

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One Response to goofy kid + five senses monday

  1. Maggie says:

    I finally just watched the Skateland trailer. Looks like it will be a lovely movie. That’s an Edward Sharpe song BTW. Also, I love that dinosaur shirt. I would totally rock it if it was in my size.

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