Old Film + Five Senses Monday

Happy Monday. I thought I’d share some film that I’ve had in my Holga and old Pentax for way too long. The film was really old in both cameras (and probably left in the sun) but I was still interested to see how pictures would turn out. Now I can start fresh with new color film. I hope you had a great weekend. (Scroll down for Five Senses Monday).And now, it’s time for Five Senses Monday, where I reflect on the past few days through the five senses.

The first summery feeling weekend of 2011. The niece and nephew even asked, are we going swimming?

Cranes and ducks diving for fish during a walk along the canal.

The back of my dog as she pulled me on a skateboard.

Guacamole with onion, cheddar, tomatoes, chilis and garlic.

Roasted tomatoes and red peppers.

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One Response to Old Film + Five Senses Monday

  1. Ahh, yay holga film! I love the beaches pics!

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