Warming up with a wish list

Hi Friends. It’s only Tuesday, and I’m already so tired of this week. I’m tired of feeling sick for so long. I’m tired of coughing attacks and watery eyes. I’m tired of no daylight and no end-of-the-day clarity and no time/energy to take pictures. While the rest of the country is locked away in their jammies during this big snow storm, I’m here in surprisingly sunny California dreaming of summer. I want long days at the beach, over-sized sunglasses and vintage floral, I think. I know I have no right to mention this since I don’t have to shovel snow any time soon, but I feel like it’s OK since my head is having its own winter storm.

This afternoon, I got a little winter relief from the new stuff at UrbanOutfitters. I don’t usually do this, but I thought I’d show you things I have “stuff crushes” on right now. It warmed me up for a few minutes, so I hope it does you, too.

Here’s the list:
One: I love these oversized sunglasses. I even love the color. Two: I want these purple Moxi Lolly Roller Skates for my birthday skate party. I’m in desperate need of a new purse, and this one so matches the sunglasses! This Deena and Ozzy Felt Hat looks cool enough to transport me away to a field of wildflowers. I’ll go for any of the UO tapestries, throws and spreads. They’re lovely, even as wall coverings.

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