Let the Light In

On Sunday, the sun shined brightly over Aptos. It was still breezy, but we all wished we’d packed shorts. We had breakfast outside in the harbor at Aldo’s (best breakfast sandwich, ever, by the way).

As our breakfast settled in full bellies, we walked to the lighthouse on the point. The breakers were massive and looked like toy jax for giants.

Before we headed home to the valley, we took one last walk on the beach. We stood under the pier with its perfect rays of lights shining through the poles. We stayed there, silently, each of us welcoming the tears. Grant walked forward into the waves and released some of our friend’s ashes, sending them blowing through the moist air and flares of light and then to be embraced by the sea that she loved so much.

I like to think it was a big step. A step for each of us to be able to grieve better and differently, to laugh more, to share and love each other, to understand, perhaps, a little better and to find happiness in the beauty that she celebrated every day of her life.

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One Response to Let the Light In

  1. You can tell she is with you in every single one of these photos, shining down on you and letting you know she’s still with you every step of the way. What a great way to celebrate her life.

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