From mountains to the sea

Peace. Beauty. Friendship. Relaxation. That pretty much sums up this past Saturday. After our morning coffee and breakfast burritos, Grant drove us to Big Basin, near Santa Cruz/Boulder Creek, where the trees stretch to the sky and spread as wide as the decades let them. We walked a little walk, enjoying the sun that peeked through each branch.

After, we picked up hot coffee, ingredients for dinner, sat on the balcony and walked to the beach as the sun started to get sleepy. The boys did their musical thing, the ever-present soundtrack to our time. I played with the camera. And little beauty Ella put her baby footprint on ocean sand for the first time. Big day.

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3 Responses to From mountains to the sea

  1. sandra lund says:

    these photos took my breathe away – several times, you are such a great photographer!

  2. dario10 says:

    OMG! these are AWESOME!!! Tell me, what lens did you use???

  3. Maggie Creamer says:

    Love the sunglasses one. Baby Ella is a quite the outdoors lady! She’s going to conquer the world.

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