Night turns into morning

On Friday night, we drove to the beach house in Aptos. Here are scenes from the evening and first morning, when the sun surprised us when it flooded through the and drums.laughter and and and and are here.the best part of waking up …daddy hugs.tired eyes.hello, film.auntie val.chant. prodigal summer. babies love tambourines.view from the breakfast here.giant quesadillas are amazing. for real, be amazed.condiments and coffee.breakfast burritos with sour cream and pico.a real good group. heart.

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4 Responses to Night turns into morning

  1. gosh i love your posts….they remind me why it’s good to be alive 🙂

  2. Janosch says:

    wow. love the photos! one question: how do you get this vintage effect to them? is it with software or are you using an older camera?

    thank you,


    • Lauren says:

      Hi, thank you.

      I do use some old cameras, but you are probably referring to what I achieve with various actions. I recommend Totally Rad Actions and tweaking them until you get a look you like.

  3. Maggie Creamer says:

    You totally captured the loveliness of Aptos. That breakfast burrito looks sooooo yummy!

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