Five Senses Monday

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve shared a Five Senses Monday. I thought I’d bring it back now that we’re well into January and hopefully taking advantage of this time for fresh starts.

So, here it is, the reflection of the last few days and week through the senses. It was a busy week, but was ended with a wonderful weekend with good friends on the beach in Aptos.

That first breath of ocean air that is sharp, refreshing and salty.

Best breakfasts of the year. Breakfast burritos, breakfasts sandwiches, coffee and cream.

Runaway tears running from under dark sunglasses and down smiling cheeks as we remembered our friend.

The beat of the drum and whistle of harmonica, the backdrop of the weekend from the forest to the sea.

So much: Friends laughing, comfort felt, sunsets, sun after rainy days, ashes hitting the earth and water, a baby smiling, big trees, first flip-flops of the year, footprints in the sand, fog that greeted us back into the valley.

Have a great day, friends.

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