Festivus, a month too late

I thought I’d wait until you were sick of Christmas trees and the holidays to post Festivus pictures. True Festivus style, I thought. OK, that’s a lie. Really, I’m just behind. But I think it’s OK, don’t you? (Last year’s Festivus is posted here.)Victor and Mia took their places and mastered the Nine-Beast stew (aka seafood soup). Mia’s guitar collection. is. awesome. So is she and her home. Thanks for having us for Festivus, Mia!All gather around to watch the dancing, booty-shaking reindeer. Yep.Let the airing of grievances begin! There was yelling. There was deep-rooted anger over drivers and dumb laws. There was toasting. There were notes made on pieces of yellow paper.We added White Elephant this year, hence the funky glasses.Later in the evening, we played Liar’s Dice. I took the trophy last year, but unfortunately, couldn’t keep my title. I lost to John, which I’m OK with because I’m pretty sure he’ll shine the peacock trophy daily, if not hourly.

Countdown to Festivus 2011: 345 days, 14 hours.

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One Response to Festivus, a month too late

  1. Maggie Creamer says:

    We need to live everyday like it’s Festivus week.

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