Sunday at Sac Antique Faire

Yesterday was icy cold, but that didn’t keep die-hard junk diggers like Cindy, Maggie and I from layering up and hitting the booths at the Sacramento Antique Fair. It’s underneath the freeway at X and 21st streets, where we hunted for goods and raced to slices of sun peaking through the freeway overhead. The entire day was so much fun and it was great hanging with the girls.

Here are a few photos from the day. You know it’s bad when I look at a picture after the fact and say, “Hey, I didn’t see that there.”
“The future of  hunting depends on me.” All on me.
I loved this so much, but not for $425.Savory crepes, the perfect ending.

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1 Response to Sunday at Sac Antique Faire

  1. Nice collection of photos. Looks like you covered just about everything.

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