Recently, my family and I made tamales. They were the best I’ve ever had. I tend to find tamales dry and not too fabulous, but these, these were great. In my opinion. Though I’m pretty sure the number of to-go tamale bags means everyone loved them, too.

My mom went against my step-dad’s family tradition and … wait for it … did not use lard or Crisco. There were skeptics at first, but then they tasted them. We made three kinds: Chicken with chili verde (green sauce), chicken with chili Colorado (red sauce) and shredded beef with chili Colorado. They were uber flavorful and not dry at all.

Here are a few snapshots, though I had to put down the camera and get my hands dirty.

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3 Responses to Tamales!

  1. Jenna says:

    How did you make the pork? I have been looking for a good pork recipe for my tamales! I love your pictures and blog!!

  2. Janosch Bohemien says:

    great work on your site!

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