2010 in Review: The end of the year

The way I see it, 2010 is officially over with this post. I’m glad to see it gone, in a way. But sad, too, because it seems as if it rushed upon us and went away before we got to know it very well.

In 2010, I learned a lot. About life and trust. About photography and the future. About hurts and friends. And about special moments and regrets and art and people and about what I want. It was a challenging year as people close to me came and went in a way I never expected or wanted. It was learning of Laura’s cancer in the beginning of the year and losing her in the last half.

So, I don’t like goodbyes, but 2010, I’m glad you’ve packed your bags. You were fun at first, but hurtful in the end, and I’m pretty positive 2011 thinks things should be a little different. At least I hope.

So here are a few photos that take me back to the last few months.

(The above flower was taken with my Through The Viewfinder homemade camera. As you can tell below, I became a little obsessed with it).

In September, my mom and I had a garage sale. I was selling a Polaroid camera and discovered there was still film in it! A huge deal for that day. Here’s a picture of my mom.I dug through old boxes from college with Maggie. I had fun taking pictures of Jen and Maggie with the TTV.And on our last trip to Yosemite with Laura. Laura passed away on Oct. 24. Her memorial was beautiful and more of an art show.Maggie and I got out of town and went to Portland for a week. It’s now one of my favorite places.And we just celebrated celebrated Christmas. Yay.

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One Response to 2010 in Review: The end of the year

  1. My sweet and brilliant friend of the light~
    The universe knows our ultimate path and will always take us where we belong. You have earned some rich and vibrant new shades to your beautiful spiritual quilt and are now blanketed with more beauty than a year ago. As we grow stronger and glow brighter, doors often close, and usually when we least expect it. When we live with the “lights on” our truth is clearly in view and our life story radiates for the entire world to see. This ultimately forces others to look at themselves and face their own truths. Needless to say this can cause some peeps to feel overwhelmed and disappointed, especially if they haven’t figured out to march to their own beat quite yet. No worries….it’s simply not your job to teach them how to change their bulb. Souls of love and light must never lower their wattage to put others at ease, they must keep shining bright. A lovely little bird informed me that 2011 is going to be jam packed with fantastic fun, so hold onto your hat LOL and put on those dancing shoes! You’re about to be rewarded for being true to yourself. Wheeeee!

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