2010 in review: The first 3 months

It’s that time of year again where I look back at 2010 by the months. I’m with the first three months, where it rained a little and the land turned green. It’s been fun looking back through the year.

While there were a lot of tears and pains, it was also filled with good experiences and people I’ll never forget.Maggie and I celebrated our friendship anniversary with a picnic and day in Locke (blogged here and here). The day involved peanut butter on toast at a bar, hiking with Sara and a Chinese festival.This is Connie King’s toilet garden in Locke. Sadly, she died this year and all of the toilets are gone.At the beginning of the year, I was Jen’s second shooter at a wedding in San Francisco. The lights and people were pretty.And I just messed around a little too. Ok, a lot.I also started soldering pretty regularly at the beginning of the year. These are two of my favorite pieces. The second one I gave to my grandma for Mother’s Day. I wonder if she wears it.Maggie and I really are the queens of day trips. It’s great. Earlier this year, we walked around her neighborhood in Midtown and I took pictures while she tried on dresses. I was really drawn to the orange curtain.We made really good nachos and chili for SuperBowl.One of the best events at the beginning of the year was our musical Valentine’s Day at Grant and Laura’s. It was just good friends, great food and lots of laughs. This was before Laura was diagnosed with cancer, before we knew how awful things would turn later in the year. Laura made Jen’s lemon cupcakes, but dyed the coconut pink for Valentine’s Day.Laura hated this picture of her, but I love it becuase she always laughed big like this.Play it!

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