The End (of our trip)

Merry Eve of Christmas Eve! I’ve been a little busy bee working all week and trying to get ready for Christmas. It’s hardly left any time for blogging or editing pictures. I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful season and ready to celebrate with good food and people closest to you.

I did remember, though, that I have the last of the Portland pics to share before Christmas. So here they are. First off is Voodoo Donuts. Apparently, it’s like a huge must-see in Portland. I agree, though it’s hard to get through one donut; they’re so sweet!

oh yeah, we waited in line forever.Then, there are the food trucks of Portland. I love them all! I wish we had more of them in California (well, at least something other than taco trucks).Portlanders love their pets, and for that, I love them. We ate at the Lucky Labrador last night. It’s just one dog-friendly business we visted. They also have homemade rootbeer on tap, which is just great.

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One Response to The End (of our trip)

  1. Gypsy Purple-Chamara says:

    ……may love, joy, peace and goodwill be your gift at Christmas…..may the Wonder of Christmas be with you forever……. and may God shower you with blessings all the New Year through…….. xx Gypsy Purple

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