Cargo, etc. {more Portland}

We went to Cargo on one of our last day’s in Portland. I’m so glad we made it because it was like a wonderland of color, art and beauty. They had beautiful papel picado, artful statues, beaded chairs, beads of all colors, art prints and paintings and so many things I can’t even list. Here is a little peak into the fun world:To get to Cargo, we walked across this bridge. It seems like we covered all of Portland by foot and bus.One night, we met some of Natalie and Brian’s writer friends at a bar for a round of very serious trivia. They had about a dozen pin-ball machines, which made me very happy. They also had free table tennis.Ohhh! And the vending machine at the bar sold guitar strings, picks and drum sticks. Cus, you know, sometimes you need a drum stick.

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