Christmas Tree Lighting {Portland Week #4}

On our first night in Portland, Natalie came home and took Maggie and I to the Christmas tree lighting at Pioneer Square in Downtown Portland. There were so many people, but we found a nice little spot on the sidewalk to watch the festivities and cute bundled-up kiddos waiting for the tree to burst into holiday flickers.

Sadly, we learned when we got home (thanks to Facebook) that a 19-year-old Oregon student who has dreamt of jihad since he was 15, attempted to set off a car bomb from a white van we passed, near the corner where we stood to wait for the tree to be lit. Long story short, the FBI was involved and allowed the teen to think he would be successful so that they could arrest and charge him. I can’t help but think of all the ways their plans could have gone wrong, but they didn’t. You can read more about the attempted terror attack here.

Before the mass of people left the square, we snuck away to the Portland Museum of Art. I highly recommend going on Friday nights if you’re in town — admission is free. Yay.And that’s all, folks (I was asked to put my camera away here). I’ll see you later today with more from Portland.

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One Response to Christmas Tree Lighting {Portland Week #4}

  1. anwa says:

    that’s so scary! I’m glad that nobody was hurt. the tree looks gorgeous, though.

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