Hello from Portland

Hello, all. Today I’m in Portland, Oregon, where the coffee is good, the light is golden and the clouds dark, hipsters are more than plentiful, frizzy hair (or at least mine) is inevitable, there are endless streets to explore and bookstores carry all but one title I searched for. I’m on vacation.

Today is day 3 of Portland, and I love that we’ve covered so much and I’m only halfway through my time here. Natalie and Brian have been great hosts and it’s been so fun exploring with them. I feel really comfortable in this city and very welcomed by the people here. Who knows. Maybe I’ll have my own little Portland house someday with mossy trees and a chicken coup in the front yard.

I just wanted to check in and share a few glimpses of what we’ve done. See you soon.

This thing — that I can’t remember the name of right now because it’s really, really late —  is a mode of transportation in Portland. We hopped a ride yesterday to get a view. It reminds me of a futuristic Airstream camper. Yay for silver bullets.
We also went Downtown Friday to the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. You may have heard about this because there was an attempted terrorist attack. Yeah. Nice, huh? Good thing the FBI knew what they were doing because we stood on the same corner where the car bomb — or what Mohamed Osman Mohamu thought was the car bomb — was parked. I completely remember walking by the coned-off white van. So weird.

The rest of the trip has been non-stop fun. We’ve been shopping, eating in and out, walking a ton, waiting in line for famous doughnuts, taking tons of pictures, going to book stores, watching a Russian polka band for hours and more walking. Brian’s been practicing a lot of street photography, so today we went out and tried to sneak some pictures of people in black and white. I’m not very good about sneaking up in people’s faces, but Brian’s pretty brave. Tomorrow I’ll try again.

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One Response to Hello from Portland

  1. Maggie says:

    AHHHH! Let’s go back.
    Work was so painful today knowing that I could be unemployed reading a book with a bearded boy in a coffee shop in Portland after tending to our chickens, harvesting our rain water and making a glorious vegan meal with all local fruits and veggies.

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