Suitcase Stories (Plus Five Senses Monday)

I have a confession. At the end of a small,  dark hallway in my dad’s house, there is a bedroom that houses boxes, bins and suitcases of my favorite memories. The room used to be my bedroom, but now it’s home to a collection of random stuff that I dream of displaying once I live somewhere with more space. Every time I visit my dad, I visit the storage room and pick a lucky item (a book or movie, old camera, T-shirt, necklace, poster)  from my past that gets to go home with me. Other non-essential item like dozens of candles, pink lawn flamingos and my pink flamingo shower curtain have to stay behind.

This weekend, I had to dig to the back and bottom box as I searched for a single piece of paper: my college degree (that I need so I can take a class at the local junior college in the spring).

With the promise of free dinner, a game of Dominos, and a glimpse into Vintage Lauren, Maggie helped me dig to the bottom. It was pretty fun showing Maggie my old-school Stevie Nicks T-shirt, posters from my old bedroom, issues of my college magazine from when I was editor and short stories from creative writing classes.

I ended up allowing myself to take home more than normal, including a ’60s flowered trunk and this suitcase I collaged with magazine cutouts in 10th grade.

In college, I was always bored with plain notebooks so I collaged my own.  Here are  few that I covered, though they’re pretty worn and torn now.I also found my favorite baby picture of me and my mom.And now it’s time for Five Senses Monday (where I reflect on the weekend through the senses).

Sourdough and clam chowder. First at Boudin on Friday night, but then my mom made the yummiest batch on Saturday. Seconds, please.

That scary, blood-pressure raising, bone-chilling music you only get with thrillers. We watched “Zodiac” and while it was good, I’m not gonna lie, I was a little freaked out.

Yummy Papa Murphys chicken gourmet pizza baking in the oven as we watched and waiting so hungrily.

Kisses from my nephew Joseph. Over and over again.

Dominos in the candle light. Maggie and I were going to have a movie night Friday, but half the city’s power was out so we lit candles and played Mexican train until we couldn’t focus anymore.

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  1. dario. l says:

    are you taking a photography class???

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