a rainy sunday

i fell asleep on my sister’s couch last night and woke up this morning to the echo of rain outside. the soothing sound of raindrops against the skylight was welcomed and kind of a strange relief. i went home early to clean a little and quickly sank into my blankets to finish watching the movie I couldn’t stay awake for last night.

i like quiet days like these. it’s easier to feel less guilty about not putting away that last pile of craft stuff you don’t know what to do with. and catching up on every last episode of “mad men.” and snuggling with the dogs who are enjoying more cuddle time these days.

there was a little break in the rain an hour ago and i went into the backyard that already looks so different and wilted compared to how bright and cheery it was in summertime. it’s a little sad and dreary, but kind of nice.

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One Response to a rainy sunday

  1. Maggie says:

    You captured the day well. I love the pictures of the power lines.
    Can’t wait to see your beautiful face tomorrow.

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