special project for a special person

hi, everyone. thank you for your kind comments, notes, calls and texts this week. it has meant so much. while it’s still very surreal that laura is gone, it’s been a good couple of days talking with friends and her family and celebrating her life and everything she was.

i’ve been working on a book project for laura for a few months, and it’s almost complete. it was a secret before, because i started making it before laura was really sick and planned to give it to her as a gift from all of her friends and family. It includes a lot of pictures and surveys from her friends. they answered questions like: “i first met laura…,” “if i were an art utensil, i would be…,” “laura has taught me…,” “a word to describe laura…,” and “how do you like your eggs?” (Hatched, I think, is my favorite answer so far).

the response has been great. and most of all, it allows me to see laura so alive through each of these people, most of whom i’ve never met.

the first printing of the book will be on tables at her celebration of life memorial next week. then, more people will be able to participate for a large version later in november. people can buy it too, with the proceeds going to the children’s foundation that laura and grant started two years ago, the elizabeth rosenquist foundation (soon to be renamed the liz and laura foundation).

the book gave me an excuse to take lots of pictures of different people, so i can start sharing those with you later this week.

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