Escaping the rain at Karma Cafe

On Sunday, Maggie and I found ourselves in Old Town Folsom. It was nice to get out of town after a long, kind of emotional, week. It rained while we were there. A lot. And even though I got soaked one drop at a time, it was refreshing and welcomed.

We snuck into Karma Cafe to dry off. In middle of antique stores and boutiques, Karma sticks out as something out of the ordinary. It’s casual and comfy, with big couches filled with pillows and tapestries. Photography, world art, old cameras and coffee bean sacks decorate the walls. When you order one of the 60 teas, it is served in a tea pot on a tray. I had a chai tea latte, the real thing, made with tea and not powder. It was hot, sweet and perfect.

I write about restaurants so often that it feels strange when I go to a new place and don’t get to know the person behind the business. I felt that way at Karma. I wanted to know more about this unique tea shop and the men who worked there. They were very friendly and I listened to them talk to others, but I didn’t ask much more than, “What is that?” as I pointed to a gigantic mug of tea that had cucumber chunks and maybe mango or papaya floating on top.

I looked them up later. And in this News & Review story, the owner, who was a photographer and graphic designer, explained what photography is to him:

“When I wrote my master’s thesis in graphic design, I spent so much time describing the places I went, trying to portray the images in words, and they told me, “You’re a photographer.” But you don’t need a camera to be a photographer. With words, with food, I want to capture something breathtaking.”

I like that, a lot.

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2 Responses to Escaping the rain at Karma Cafe

  1. Hi Sweetie~
    Sending you warm thoughts that wrap around you like one of your cozy blankets. You are loved by many…especially me 🙂
    P.S. I just got a new bike….and I’m fast! When the weather permits, wanna go bike riding?!!! We could bring our cameras…I have a basket on my new wheels…we could even bring Mikey…well maybe not, he’s a handful!

  2. Forgot to push subscribe button on last reply…here goes….

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